Center for Coastal Solutions Across University of Florida

Collaborating to Solve Real World Problems

University of Florida is uniquely positioned to collaborate across disciplines to solve real-world problems using our advanced computational resources, engineering labs and robust research resources.

Leveraging UF data scientists, biological experts, legal and engineering minds to improve Florida’s environment, economy and public health.

Based in the school of engineering, the Center provides research and career paths in almost every field ranging from public policy, medical and legal, all wanting to improve our quality of life.

Reach of CCS

Leadership and subject experts from over 14 colleges contribute and participate in the Center for Coastal Solutions.  University of Florida students will be uniquely positioned to pursue degrees and embark on highly sought after careers in coastal environmental preservation.

Emerging careers in economics, legal, health and engineering are increasing rapidly due to the increase in climate change and human hazards to the coastal communities. University of Florida students will be prepared to address the evolving needs of our communities.   

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Coastal Policy Lab

Faculty and students from key disciplines at the intersection of science and policy – law, economics, engineering, planning and the social sciences – will engage with one another in a “laboratory” format. The lab will tackle real-world issues that threaten our coasts and require policy-informed science to solve. 

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Computing for Life Research Lab

Computing for Life Research Lab (COLIR) focuses on algorithms for processing data measured by sensors used in real-world situations, such as sensors deployed on satellites, airborne platforms, ships, buoys, small floats, underwater, and so on. Multiple spatially distributed sensors provide time-series data and COLIR students and researchers study algorithms to integrate and analyze these multi-dimensional, spatio-temporal signals.

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Internships with Industry, NGO and Agency Partners

The Center for Coastal Solutions will provide a strong bridge between University of Florida students and leading industry partners.  We work closely with the private and public sector to share data findings and secure training opportunities for our talented students.

Florida Sea Grant and CSS share a common goal, to improve coastal economies and environments, but the CSS will harness a broader array of expertise that would complement our programs. 

Sherry L. Larkin | Director, Florida Sea Grant College Program 

Florida Sea Grant Participating Institutions

UF is committed to training for tomorrow’s careers