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Photo of Shirley Baker Shirley Baker Assoc. Professor, SFRC Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
  • Research areas: effects of water quality on shellfish productivity, physiological mechanisms that underlie those effects, provision of ecosystem services by shellfish, development of models to predict impacts of water quality parameters on shellfish productivity and provision of ecosystem services
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Photo of Thomas Bianchi Thomas Bianchi Professor, Geological Sciences
  • Jon L. AND Beverly A. Thompson Endowed Chair of Geological Sciences
  • Research areas: Biogeochemistry and processing of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in coastal, oceanic, estuarine, and riverine environments.
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Photo of Mark Clark Mark Clark Associate Professor, Soil & Water Sciences
  • Wetland nutrient assimilation and storage processes, vegetative succession dynamics, ecological engineering design using wetland processes to improve water quality and enhance ecological function of altered landscape
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Photo of Antarpreet Jutla Antarpreet Jutla Assoc. Professor, Env. Engineering Sciences
  • Primary research area: Water systems 
  • Other research areas: Coastal & Oceanographic Engineering, New Infrastructure Planning and Management, Systems Ecology & Ecological Engineering
  • Research interests: Hydrology, water resources, remote sensing, public health, water- and vector-borne diseases, hydrologicalmodeling
Photo of Elise Morrison Elise Morrison Asst. Professor, Env. Engineering Sciences
  • Research areas: Microbial Ecology, Organic Biogeochemistry
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Photo of Todd Osborne Todd Osborne Assoc. Professor, Soil and Water Sciences
  • Research areas: sea level rise, soil carbon storage, salt marsh restoration in coastal Florida, restoration of water quality via shellfish, sea grass & mangrove habitat restoration and mitigation.
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Photo of Ashley Smyth Ashley Smyth Asst. Professor, Soil and Water Sciences
  • Assistant Professor of Biogeochemistry in the Department of Soil and Water Sciences at the IFAS Tropical Research and Education Center
  • Florida Sea Grant Affiliate
  • Research areas: coastal biogeochemistry, shellfish, water quality, biogeochemical response of restoration and management activities, effects of climate variability and sea level rise on biogeochemistry of South Florida’s coastal habitats
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