Britney Hay: Centering Local Voices in Conservation

Congratulations to Britney Hay, winner of a 2023 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Award, a prestigious and highly competitive fellowship that helps support outstanding graduate research across the country. With this support, Hay, who’s a doctoral candidate in Environmental… Read More

Yvanna Serra: Balancing Care for Places and People

Two words capture UF student Yvanna Serra: adaptable and open-minded. From the wetlands of Panama to the Peace River in southwest Florida, Yvanna’s journey in studying water links to her goal of finding a balance between human development and conservation.  … Read More

Student spotlight: Britney Hay

Britney Hay, PhD student, Environmental Engineering Sciences  Britney Hay is a first year PhD student in the UF Environmental Engineering Sciences department, currently working with Dr. Andrew Altieri toward her mission of understanding wetland dynamics to ultimately design site-specific management and restorative… Read More

Student Spotlight: Daniele Pinton

Daniele Pinton, PhD student, Civil and Coastal Engineering Department  Daniele Pinton is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida (ESSIE). He is currently studying how sea level rise affects the release… Read More