Assistant Professor Andrew Altieri to Lead CCS Field Operations and Graduate Initiatives

CCS welcomes Andrew Altieri, Ph.D., as associate director. Altieri, who’s been involved in CCS projects for several years, will oversee the many moving parts and logistics of field operations, which are instrumental to the implementation and success of the Center’s 15 ongoing projects across the state. He will also help guide future CCS growth, including the development of graduate education and mentorship initiatives.   

Photo credit: Andrew Altieri

Altieri is assistant professor in the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment at UF, where he teaches ecological and ecosystem engineering courses. Prior to joining UF five years ago, he was a staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.  

Altieri’s research focuses on investigating biogenic habitats that define coastal ecosystems and how they respond to global change factors, as well as how we can sustain or enhance their function in the current, dynamic environment. He applies current knowledge of these systems to improve their functions and to solve real world challenges.  

“I’m excited about the upcoming year, and the new directions developed during the strategic planning process,” said Altieri. I’m looking forward to seeing the team’s proactive and intentional efforts to synergize and accelerate the results of our work.”