Yvanna Serra: Balancing Care for Places and People

Two words capture UF student Yvanna Serra: adaptable and open-minded. From the wetlands of Panama to the Peace River in southwest Florida, Yvanna’s journey in studying water links to her goal of finding a balance between human development and conservation.  … Read More

Student spotlight: Britney Hay

Britney Hay, PhD student, Environmental Engineering Sciences  Britney Hay is a first year PhD student in the UF Environmental Engineering Sciences department, currently working with Dr. Andrew Altieri toward her mission of understanding wetland dynamics to ultimately design site-specific management and restorative… Read More

Student Spotlight: Daniele Pinton

Daniele Pinton, PhD student, Civil and Coastal Engineering Department  Daniele Pinton is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering at the University of Florida (ESSIE). He is currently studying how sea level rise affects the release… Read More


Emily’s research at UF utilizes high-resolution mass spectrometry to investigate per- and polyfluoralkyl substances (PFAS) and other contaminants in the aquatic environment. At UF, Emily developed a methodology for PFAS extraction from Florida manatee blood using dried blood spot cards, offering a minimally invasive procedure for whole blood collection and analysis.


Amanda Chappel, an Environmental Engineering Sciences PhD student in Dr. Elise Morrison’s lab, is studying the ecosystem effects of coastal eutrophication and its implications on nutrient cycling dynamics in estuarine systems, with the goal of supporting effective management strategies that… Read More


Dr. Lili Du’s research integrates optimization, network modeling, machine learning, control, and data analytics approaches into transportation system analysis with the main focuses on autonomous vehicle (AV), connected vehicle (CV), connected and automated vehicle (CAV), and electric vehicle (EV) impacts,… Read More