CBS news video on CCS and Ocean Conservancy ‘Rapid Response’ effort to study Piney Point impacts

Piney Point rapid response research is underway thanks to our partnership with Ocean Conservancy, Florida Sea Grant, and the Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay Estuary Programs

Check out this news video and article featuring our Director Dr. Christine Angelini.

Excerpt from CBS article “Researchers Launch ‘Rapid-Response Team’ To Track Environmental Impacts Of Piney Point Leak” :

Last week, CW44 News sat down with national environment advocacy nonprofit Ocean Conservancy as they called on Environmental Protection for a solution to the Piney Point leak. Now they’re working with researchers to launch a rapid response team to track those impacts.

As efforts in finding a solution to the Manatee County reservoir leak continue, environmental experts from the University of Florida and Ocean Conservancy are working to get ahead. Scientists will monitor water quality and track pollution impacts on marine life resulting from the Piney Point debacle.

“They’ve gotten out on boats, they’ve started collecting water samples and surveying seagrass and macroalgae,” said Christine Angelini, Director, Center for Coastal Solutions with the University of Florida. With the cutting-edge research being funded by Ocean Conservancy, scientists will be able to trace the pollution being released as it makes its way through the bay and the marine ecosystem.

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