Connecting Clams to Seagrass Resilience

Among the most productive ecosystems on earth, seagrass communities use carbon, provide habitat and food, cycle nutrients, and anchor the sediment bottom, providing an extensive range of services. Regions with historically extensive seagrass cover have been experiencing ongoing die-offs in… Read More

CCS Contributes to UF’s $1 Billion Research Investment

CCS’ contributions to the $1 billion invested in research to date by UF was highlighted in an article by the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. Projects led by Professors Christine Angelini and David Kaplan showcase how the CCS supports UF’s advancement… Read More

SCCF, UF Assess Water Quality Impacts of Hurricane Ian

Two days after Hurricane Ian slammed into the Southwest Florida coast as a near Category 5 storm, SCCF Marine Lab Director Eric Milbrandt, Ph.D., began to mobilize a coordinated effort to assess water quality impacts.

“I reached out to our colleagues at University of Florida’s Center for Coastal Solutions (UF-CSS) who we’ve been working with on a current harmful algae bloom research project funded by EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,” said Milbrandt. “After seeing the devastation of the causeway and the islands, I knew that our routine monthly sampling from Lake Okeechobee to the Gulf of Mexico would not be possible with SCCF equipment.”