Codefest to Build Next Gen Ocean Models

The CCS technical team took part in the four-day University of Florida Open Hackathon, hosted in collaboration with OpenACC Organization, in May to write code for a new coastal and ocean model that can run simulations of coastal and oceanic… Read More

Can Dead Corals Bring New Life?

Even in death, corals may play an important role in preserving life in the ocean. With support from a 2023 National Science Foundation (NSF) Early Career Award, UF Assistant Professor Andrew Altieri, Ph.D., will launch a new project to investigate the role of dead corals in the resilience… Read More

Empowering Coastal Communities with Decision Aids

University of Florida engineering alumni gathered at a Gator Nation event in Jupiter to hear how the CCS is working to unlock Florida’s potential to quickly implement data-driven and cost-effective actions to improve water quality statewide through its decision support… Read More

Robots Revolutionize Cave Cartography

Researchers from Florida and South Carolina deployed robots 300 feet inside an underwater cave system in Orange Grove, Florida in April to collect data for mapping the system. Md Jahidul Islam, Ph.D., assistant professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering… Read More

AI Transforms Harmful Algal Bloom Management

Researchers are leveraging a state-of-the-art artificial intelligence transformer model to better manage the water flow from Lake Okeechobee to the Caloosahatchee River, which will reduce the amount of released nutrients that produce harmful algal blooms (HABs). CCS Postdoctoral Associate Enrique… Read More

Britney Hay: Centering Local Voices in Conservation

Congratulations to Britney Hay, winner of a 2023 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Award, a prestigious and highly competitive fellowship that helps support outstanding graduate research across the country. With this support, Hay, who’s a doctoral candidate in Environmental… Read More