Coastal Edges Director’s Note July 2023

Farewell to Our Friend Paul Dear friends and colleagues, It is with great emotion that I begin this month’s newsletter with a remembrance of our dear friend and talented colleague, Dr. Paul Gader, who passed away in early June. Paul… Read More

Where Science Meets Nature

University of Florida PhD student Nick Chin is using artificial intelligence to identify and quantify the dynamics of one of southwest Florida’s most pressing environmental issues: red tide.   Chin, from the Kaplan lab, presented this research at the American Ecological… Read More

Coastal Edges Director’s Note June 2023

‘Tis the Field Season!  Field season is here! For many scientists here at the Center for Coastal Solutions (CCS), summer is prime time to do field research outdoors across Florida, North America and internationally. Some of my best memories as a… Read More

Codefest to Build Next Gen Ocean Models

The CCS technical team took part in the four-day University of Florida Open Hackathon, hosted in collaboration with OpenACC Organization, in May to write code for a new coastal and ocean model that can run simulations of coastal and oceanic… Read More

Can Dead Corals Bring New Life?

Even in death, corals may play an important role in preserving life in the ocean. With support from a 2023 National Science Foundation (NSF) Early Career Award, UF Assistant Professor Andrew Altieri, Ph.D., will launch a new project to investigate the role of dead corals in the resilience… Read More